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Get a free hit counter for your web site. Many people use them to get precise web site stats because it is really important to know how many visitors you have.

Why is our web counter better than the others?
·It's totally free
 unlike other counters, we don't have any popups, the counter will always stay free you have our word
·It's very fast
 thats why we call it 'Fast web counter'. We have top quality Intel Xeon servers on a 100mbit backbone, your counter will load faster than your website
·Minimal formality
 we are not interested in your personal information. Easy to install - just cut and paste
·It works on any website
 no CGI access needed. Any web host will do
·Unlimited counters
 install as many counters as you wish, you can even count your subpage visitors
To install the counter simply paste the code below to your website changing the COUNTERNAME part. New counter will be automatically created. You are not allowed to alter the html code in any way, if you do so the counter will be immediately deleted and your website banned from the program.

The counter demo: